Friday, September 30, 2011

A Bit of Money, A Bite of Sephora

P10P is definitely, completely out the window. No doubt about it haha. My school recently refunded me a bit of money and what did I do with part of it? Well, clearly it went to my ex-wife, Sephora. Seems like there's a chance we'll get back together again ;)

Anyway, I picked up a few things online (I literally just ordered it an hour ago).

1) NARS eyeshadow in California: It is described as a molten copper on the website. Guess how much it is? 8 DOLLARS! This would normally retail for $23. Another shade they have for this deal is Night Sun (bright marigold with gold flecks). Unfortunately, I don't see myself using it enough to justify purchasing it as well. The only item I own from NARS is the Orgasm blush, which I have a love/hate relationship with. I've heard great things about their eyeshadows and I'm happy that I can try it without spending so much. Check them out here.

2) OPI for Sephora in Going Nude, Eh? ($5): I love my OPI nail polishes and most of the time I try to pick up ones that are on sale. Usually whenever I check Sephora online they tend to always have the same 5 shades. Today they have like 20 shades listed, BUT only TWO were left in stock. I was so pissed! So I went ahead with this milky neutral color, since I don't own anything like this in my collection. I mostly wear red, black, brown or taupe. Click here.

3) Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel ($13): I've heard many raves about this product especially from my godsister who swears by Clinique. Honestly, Clinique is mostly a miss for me (AHEM Even Better Dark Spot Corrector), however, it's one of those brands that I keep betting on again hoping for a hit. Lately my skin has gone bonkers on me. It used to be normal/dry, not it starts off dry in the morning (esp when it comes time to put on foundation) and then a few hours later, it's an oil slick. What the hell!? Since this is a gel, hopefully it will keep the oil at bay for a while longer at least. I bought the small version in case it's another fail. Check it here.

4) Dior Shimmer Star in Amber Diamond ($44): Yes, I'm a sucker for hype. Need I say more? I contemplated for a while about this one. Do I really need it? No. Do I really want it? Hell yes! I'm one of those people who, although cannot afford to buy everything designer, still want to own at least one thing in every designer label. For example, I own a Chanel bronzer (which I LOVE!) and at the moment, it's the only thing Chanel I own. I also own a YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick (which I LOVE!). So now it's Dior's turn, you catch my drift? Givenchy, I'm coming for you next! It just makes me feel so classy and it's definitely a nice treat once in a while, if you have the money.

I will definitely do a mini review once I receive everything. Lol I'm having it sent to my boyfriend's apartment because my mom is tired of seeing all the packages I'm getting. It's kind of sad, actually.

If any of you own and love/hate any of the products I ordered today, please comment and let me know! I'm really excited :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Non Beauty Faves

I know what you're thinking. What the heck are those potato chips doing in there?!
They're one of my favorites, that's why :) Another one is the Kettle Jalapeno chips ... omg so good!
So here are the rundown of certain things I love, aside from beauty + skincare:

1) Aspen Bay Candle in Volcano 20oz ($28.50 USD): I've never really been a crazy candle lover. The only times I used/purchase candles are for birthdays. But I remember reading many magazines that mentioned this candle (celebrity favorite) so I knew I had to take a sniff of this thing. The only store I know to stock this is Anthropologie. One day at Chelsea Market, I popped in to see why it was so talked about. Ahhh because it smells AMAZING??!? I've never been good at describing scents, but it's description says, "tropical fruits and sugared citrus." Sounds about right! It is extremely pricey and I only bought this as a birthday present to myself. I'm actually burning it right now :)

2) Futures by Jimmy Eat World: This will always be one of my favorite albums. I remember listening to this nonstop between the end of middle school and beginning of high school. Ahh.. memories. I finally saw them in concert earlier this year in Columbus, Ohio. That was such a great experience for me.

3) Paper Towns by John Green: I LOVE ALL THINGS JOHN GREEN. He may very well be my favorite author. He writes teen novels, however they are all full of such great depth that I feel people of all ages can take something away from his writing. I first read his novel, Looking for Alaska, in middle school and for years parts of the story lingered in my mind. I read Paper Towns junior/senior year of high school (don't quite remember exactly), but it was around this period that I was at my lowest. Reading Paper Towns for me at that point was like having someone listen to my soul speak. I know that sounds really weird lol.

4) You Don't Know Jacques by OPI ($8.50 USD): Nope, I do not count nail polish as beauty because I can't put it on my face haha! I adore this color.

5) Herr's Ketchup Chips: Umm, if you haven't tried this yet, you need to get your ass to a grocery store! Although, I rarely see it these days :(

6) Melinda Maria Pod ring with Onyx ($78 USD): I splurged for this at the start of freshmen year in college. It was sort of a congratulatory gift for my newfound independence and decent grades. This might be my most expensive piece of jewelry (that I've bought for myself). I absolutely love it (as I love everything on this list lol). It's definitely a statement piece and I've received many compliments on it.

7) Felicity: This is the only tv show I have the whole DVD collection of! I was ecstatic when I discovered that the whole series is now available on Instant Watch on Netflix! It's like the new millenium version of the 90's My So Called Life (which is one of the shows that my boyfriend and I are currently watching whenever we have a chance to). I first caught Felicity during the summer of maybe my freshmen or sophomore year of high school. They were doing reruns of it on the WE network and I remember watching it loyally. Scott Speedman (swoon!) was definitely a highlight for me. But lately Scott Foley has been popping up on every show I'm watching (Grey's Anatomy and True Blood) which I'm not complaining about ;)

8) Andy Warhol: I don't know which I'm interested in more: his art or his life.

Monday, September 26, 2011


1) The Body Show Vitamin E Hydrating Toner ($12), 2) Chanel Le Vernis in Peridot ($25), 3) Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation ($59), 4) Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense in Lust Red ($32), 5) Rimmel Day2Night Mascara ($8), 6) Rimmel Mousse Eyeshadow, 7) MAC 182 Buffer Brush ($49.50), 8) TopShop Cream Blush in Head Over Heels ($12), 9) Chanel Bronze Universel ($48), 10) Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso ($7)
In addition to these products, I want to add Dior Amber Diamond to the list. Figures, right? All the beauty bloggers are in love with this product, which makes it so hard for me to resist! But for now, I will just put my Benefit High/Moonbeams to work! So tempted to run to Target to see if they restocked the Milani blush and maybe pick up the Rimmel Mousse shadows.

Earlier in the month, I tried P10P (Project 10 Pan), and well.... I don't have a success story. It's just too difficult! However, I did walk away from P10P with some facts: 1) I have enough skincare to last a year. 2) I do not need anymore foundations, powders and eyeshadows. Lately, I've been more selective and reluctant to spend money... it helps that I'm a broke college student.

I realized that all the beauty blogs that I read have really high quality photos and clean layouts. Unfortunately, I don't have a nice camera.. or a camera for that matter right now. I may need to remedy that soon.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


1) Soleil Tan de Chanel: Moisturizing Bronzing Powder in Terre Ambre ($50 USD): "Gently illuminating, oil-free bronzing powder in the form of wave-swept sands delivers a naturally gorgeous bronze glow that never looks dull or flat." I bought this early August, but I went to the Chanel counter looking to purchase the infamous bronzing base instead. Unfortunately they were out of stock and the MUA tried this on me and I of course, caved. This product is actually hydrating and it never looked cakey on top of my makeup. I don't own any other bronzers (except a $5 one from the drugstore) so I can't compare it to other popular choices. However, I've swatched NARS Laguna at Sephora and found it too glittery and dark for my pale skin. Click Here.

2) CoverGirl Waterproof LashBlast in Black ($6-8 USD): This is probably my favorite mascara of all time. I love that it's cheap and it does its job. My other favorite is the original Dior Show and I'm really liking the sample of YSL Faux Cils I got from Sephora. I recommend the orange lashblast over the red and purple.

3) Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte No. 03 Beige Ultimate ($34 USD): I'm actually not a big lipstick person. Although lipstick > lip gloss in my book. I think I like the idea of a lip stain more (but that's for another post hopefully). I purchased this YSL lipstick over the summer (see the trend here? summer = more beauty purchases) while shopping with my best friend. Many beauty bloggers/vloggers were raving about 02 Sensual Silk, deeming it the perfect nude color. So I tried it for myself and I hated it. It looked like I had pink Elmers Glue dried up on my lips. Beige Ultimate was PURRfect. It looks natural on me and it gave my lips the right amount of color. It is described as a mauve taupe and smells like watermelon. Click Here.

4) Lancome Teint Miracle in Buff 5C ($37 USD): I bought this during the promotion Lancome had at Macy's (7pc gift with $35 purchase). I've been using this foundation for about a month now and I like it. However, I do not consider this my HG product. Apparently, it took 10 years for the people at Lancome to create this. It is supposed to bring out the "lit from within" look and provide 18 hours of sheer to moderate coverage while doing so. I have normal/combination skin (dry & tight if I don't moisturize enough and oily when I'm outside). I wouldn't suggest this to people with oily skin because the purpose of this foundation is to bring luminosity to your face. If you're oily, you'll end up looking like a lightbulb methinks. I tend to follow up with a powder to set everything. This is good enough to fix uneven skin tone but if you have really troubled skin, this would not be able to hide more prominent flaws. Click Here.

5) Sephora Brush Wand ($10 USD): "Four detachable brushes that come together magnetically to form a wand for applying makeup to the eye area." I really like the idea of having multiple brushes in one package, especially for traveling. Unfortunately, I only use 2 out of the 4 brush heads. It's not bad for the price though. I use the angle brush for tight-lining and I use the smudge brush for my gel liner (which may not be that smart... somehow I manage). Click Here.

6) Smashbox Photo Finish Primer with SPF 15 ($38 USD): I own the small sample tube version of this primer (free from Sephora... can't imagine paying $38). To be honest, I never thought primer was that necessary but this one really changed my mind. My foundation just goes on much more easily and smoothly. I'm addicted. I usually put a dot on each cheek and a little bit around my nose and chin area. A little goes a long way with this one, I suppose a full tube will probably last me a year or more. I'm about half way done with my sample, so I actually purchased the Loreal Studio Secrets Primer and it doesn't really compare to the velvet feeling I get with Smashbox. Click Here.

7) MAC Blacktrack Fluidline ($15 USD): I've been using this everyday since I bought it and I do like this a lot. I've used pencil, liquid and gel before. There are many pros and cons for each one but at the moment I'm loving the control I get with this liner. The best thing is that it stays in place. It's not budge-proof like certain liquid liners but it's pretty good (better if you have a base). I'm looking to try the Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner next to see how they compare. If you've tried both, let me know what you think! Click Here.

8) MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork ($17.50 USD): A lot of people dislike MAC paint pots because it dries too quickly. I never had any issues with that. Paint pots are commonly used as an eyeshadow base or primer because it helps bring out the vibrancy in your eyeshadows. Generally, I don't wear eyeshadows. Therefore, paint pots are a great medium for me. Groundwork is a neutral light brown sheen and all I do is swipe it over my entire lid, line my eyes with Blacktrack and I'm good to go. It provides my lids with a bit of dimension and color to make them less dull. Click Here.

9) Lancome Dual Finish Versatile Powder in Neutrale II ($35.50 USD): What is so wonderful about this powder is the fact that you can wet the provided sponge and swipe some of the powder to give your face a fuller coverage or just use it dry over moisturizer for lighter coverage. I haven't really dabbled with the wet usage because I have a lot of fluid foundations. I mainly use this as a setting powder for my Teint Miracle. Before I bought this, I used MAC Studio Fix powder to set my makeup. In comparison, the Dual Finish looks much more natural while Studio Fix gave me an airbrush (but you can clearly see makeup) look. However, I don't think there's much for oil control. Click Here.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Birthday MakeUp Haul

1) Lancome Dual Finish Versatile Powder Makeup in Neutrale II ($35.50 USD)
Earlier in August I purchased Lancome's Miracle Teint Foundation in Buff 5C ($37 USD) because Lancome was doing a promotion with Macy's. Spend $35 and get a free makeup bag with 6 deluxe samples. As I am a sucker for foundations and the MUA did a fabulous job on my face, I splurged. I will do a review of the Miracle Teint later on. After, the MUA used the foundation on me, she topped it off with a bit of dual finish. I did not purchase it at the time because I felt it was unnecessary, since I already own MAC's Studio Fix powder foundation. Oh... but that all changed when I received an email from Lancome saying that I will get 5 free lipsticks for my birthday with any $35 purchase. Light bulbs flickered and the powder danced itself into my shopping cart.

2) Daisy by Marc Jacobs 1.7 oz ($62 USD)
I've wanted this perfume for the longest time, but the price held me back. Not to mention every other teenage girl owns this. Sad but true. We can't all be unique. My signature scent has always been With Love by Hilary Duff (please do not judge me until you've sniffed this). However, With Love is a bit too strong for summer. And well, Daisy is Daisy and daisies are just so summery. What really made me make the leap (aside from a $30 gift card from my sweet god-sister) is that the boyfriend loves the smell of this thing. Oui Oui.

3) Naruko Total Defense Moisturizing Night Repair from their Narcissus line ($21-24 USD) 
I only recently discovered this Taiwanese skincare brand through Youtube. I am finally embracing multi-step skincare routines that only Asian women (to my knowledge) indulge in. They do not believe in just cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Oh no no. We've got liquid lotions (which is what this night repair is), serums, treatments, masks, etc... It's all customization really. 
I use this night repair lotion right after my Thayer's Rose Witch Hazel toner and before my serums. The purpose of this is just like it's name: to repair the irritated and damaged skin from daytime. Do you NEED this? No. It's a luxurious comfort. 

4) Naruko Niaouli & Tea Tree Sebum Control Night Gelly 
($20 USD, I purchased this for $12 on eBay)
I bought this before the night repair because I believe that one of the most important thing anyone needs in their skincare routine is a good night time moisturizer. I am prone to acne and I have many acne scars/pigmentations that I am dying to get rid of. Tea Tree is a very popular treatment for acne. I've previously used LUSH's Tea Tree toner. What's so great about this gelly is how light it is. This is the last step of your routine and the purpose of it is to seal all your skincare products in. You will literally feel the difference. The morning after my first try, I felt how plump my skin was. I am looking forward to trying other night gellies from this brand. ( 

5) E.L.F was doing a warehouse sale. If you spend $15, shipping was free. I've purchased from E.L.F before (mostly brushes) and I absolutely hate to pay for shipping so I always save up till it meets the limit for free shipping. That usually takes a while because there aren't a lot of things I want from there. So this time around I picked up the following: 

a) Angled Eyeliner Brush
b) Small Angled Brush
c) Eyelash Curler
d) Eyeliner Brush
e) 2-in-1 Sponges (Set of 3)
f) Daily Brush Cleaner
g) Zit Zapper

That's it for this haul. Will keep you posted on how some of these things work for me after a longer period of time. Feel free to message me with any questions. 



Hello Blogosphere!

My name is Salina. Although this isn't my first foray at blogging, I am quite nervous about writing on the subject of beauty. I am not a professional makeup artist or skincare guru; I don't have a YouTube channel. My middle and high school years were spent trolling drugstores to find the right concealer for my blossoming pimples or the right lip gloss to achieve "kissable" lips. Little did I know, I wasn't going to do any kissing till college. Oh, to be (really) young. You can imagine how elated I was when I first met Sephora. She is a thing of beauty, isn't she?

I used to be more attracted to makeup and neglected my skincare. It was only this past year that I started to work on my regimen to find the best skincare routine for myself. The better you take care of your skin, the less makeup you will need to wear. That is important to remember. With this blog, I am hoping to do many reviews of products I like and dislike. I will offer my honest opinion and personal experiences. On the other hand, I doubt there will be many (if any) tutorials. There may be times where I go off tangent and talk about fashion, movies, books and daily happenings in my life. Hopefully, you'll find them enjoyable!

Currently, I am a junior in college. I've switched more majors than I can count. I finally decided to stick with graphic design, my first love. Aside from a basic Photoshop class from high school, I really have no training at all in this area. However, what I lack in studies I made up in experience. I spent the past three summers interning at a cashmere company, Christopher Fischer. I was able to refine the skills I picked up from that one class while working. Everything just fell into place and I knew what was needed to be done (in terms of my studies).

At the moment, this blog is looking quite bland. I refuse to use the pre-made templates, so until I get my hands on Photoshop (for this laptop), it shall remain nice and pure. Please don't hold it against me!

Alright, now off to my first haul! Stay tuned :)