Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Non Beauty Faves

I know what you're thinking. What the heck are those potato chips doing in there?!
They're one of my favorites, that's why :) Another one is the Kettle Jalapeno chips ... omg so good!
So here are the rundown of certain things I love, aside from beauty + skincare:

1) Aspen Bay Candle in Volcano 20oz ($28.50 USD): I've never really been a crazy candle lover. The only times I used/purchase candles are for birthdays. But I remember reading many magazines that mentioned this candle (celebrity favorite) so I knew I had to take a sniff of this thing. The only store I know to stock this is Anthropologie. One day at Chelsea Market, I popped in to see why it was so talked about. Ahhh because it smells AMAZING??!? I've never been good at describing scents, but it's description says, "tropical fruits and sugared citrus." Sounds about right! It is extremely pricey and I only bought this as a birthday present to myself. I'm actually burning it right now :)

2) Futures by Jimmy Eat World: This will always be one of my favorite albums. I remember listening to this nonstop between the end of middle school and beginning of high school. Ahh.. memories. I finally saw them in concert earlier this year in Columbus, Ohio. That was such a great experience for me.

3) Paper Towns by John Green: I LOVE ALL THINGS JOHN GREEN. He may very well be my favorite author. He writes teen novels, however they are all full of such great depth that I feel people of all ages can take something away from his writing. I first read his novel, Looking for Alaska, in middle school and for years parts of the story lingered in my mind. I read Paper Towns junior/senior year of high school (don't quite remember exactly), but it was around this period that I was at my lowest. Reading Paper Towns for me at that point was like having someone listen to my soul speak. I know that sounds really weird lol.

4) You Don't Know Jacques by OPI ($8.50 USD): Nope, I do not count nail polish as beauty because I can't put it on my face haha! I adore this color.

5) Herr's Ketchup Chips: Umm, if you haven't tried this yet, you need to get your ass to a grocery store! Although, I rarely see it these days :(

6) Melinda Maria Pod ring with Onyx ($78 USD): I splurged for this at the start of freshmen year in college. It was sort of a congratulatory gift for my newfound independence and decent grades. This might be my most expensive piece of jewelry (that I've bought for myself). I absolutely love it (as I love everything on this list lol). It's definitely a statement piece and I've received many compliments on it.

7) Felicity: This is the only tv show I have the whole DVD collection of! I was ecstatic when I discovered that the whole series is now available on Instant Watch on Netflix! It's like the new millenium version of the 90's My So Called Life (which is one of the shows that my boyfriend and I are currently watching whenever we have a chance to). I first caught Felicity during the summer of maybe my freshmen or sophomore year of high school. They were doing reruns of it on the WE network and I remember watching it loyally. Scott Speedman (swoon!) was definitely a highlight for me. But lately Scott Foley has been popping up on every show I'm watching (Grey's Anatomy and True Blood) which I'm not complaining about ;)

8) Andy Warhol: I don't know which I'm interested in more: his art or his life.

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